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Custom Software Development Company in USA

Technologist 360 owns a team of more than 100highly talented, industrious, and diverse engineers which are specialized in distinct areas of custom software development in the USA.Rather than designing default software solution, we first ask the clients their priorities and then we mold our product accordingly. Being a diligent custom software development company in the USA, we should make our product flexible enough to run with your business processes. There are three types of engineers working in technologist 360 who put their all energy on work to provide people with their desired solutions.

  • Full Stack
  • Lamp Stack
  • Mean Stack
Software Development

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Web development

Full Stack

Full stack engineer specializes in both front-end technology and back-end technology. Full stack engineer would be capable of doing HTML, PHP, javascript, CSS, XML, etc. This engineer is also cable of creating front end-code by converting the design to get UI/UX in an appropriate form. Our full-stack engineers give their best to convey to people the best services at suitable rates which people are unable to find from somewhere else.

Web development

LAMP Stack

Lamp stack engineer is capable of designing innovative website design and applications and websites with the help of four tech components which include Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Lamp stack engineer used to be fully specialized in all these significant components. It is so flexible in nature that if the user wants to use some complex application, he has the opportunity to python instead of PHP.

Web development

MEAN Stack

Mean stack engineer is recognized for its expertise in the technologies which are related to JavaScript to design an innovative web application. Mean stack engineer can be considered as a person who has thebest specialization in four tech components which are MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.JS.