Technologist 360 is known as the leading integration development company in the USA. A team of highly talented engineers who tend to put their all efforts in the integration of your all applications. They assist you in providing you the desired centralized solutions according to your demands and needs. Rather than spending money and time on such software solutions which stuck you in the traps of scattered data and multiple applications, just give a try to our services and feel the difference. By using our astonishing integration development services, you would actually feel that you justified your money spent on our services.

Our expert engineers are capable to integrate all the significant platforms such as share point, BizTalk, and many more. We also facilitate people with custom payment gateway solutions on your own E-commerce site development service, so you would be able to easily receive payments. We don’t offer our default solutions but ask about your requirements and mold our service according to your is one of the unique features of technologist 360 as we offer flexibility in our solutions. Our developers have the ability to meet your demands of design and development in the most appropriate package. We also provide assistance in customer service which would help you in any problem you can confront while using our solutions.

About us

Our Mission

The mission of the dedicated and professional team of Technologist 360 is to provide people and organizations with the latest and innovative IT services. The basic objective of our team is to serve the people with honesty all those services which any organization entails to get success. We don’t let down our clients as our team gets fully engaged on your desired service and consider it as their first and foremost duty to satisfy your requirements. Customer’s satisfaction has always been our first priority and our professionals do their duty with full engagement. Assisting your organization to achieve and maintain the top position in the competitive market is our first and foremost duty. We help companies and industries with astonishing services by keeping in mind that it is indirectly giving benefits to local public and people; therefore it increases our honesty and commitment towards our work.