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The dedicated team of Technologist360 has designed rich web application services as they have marvelous expertise and command in UI/XI design and front-end development.Technologist 360 is a leading website design and development company in the New Jersey. The services provided by this web development agency NJ (New Jersey) are exceptionally amazing, user-friendly and deliver seamless experience for the desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Development Process

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Custom Web Application Development

We can help you to mold your web apps as your business entails. Our experts can facilitate you in any aspect like building one scratch and shift your legacy back-end or upgrade front-end functionally.

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Build a MVP

We try our best to entail fewer requirements from you while building your product. We get engaged in building prototypes and minimum viable products. Our experts incredibly work faster just to save your precious time to market.

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Rescue Missions

If you are not satisfied with your existing team and they are not fulfilling your requirements in building the quality products, we are always there for you. Our expert developers will assist you in efficiently build the products.

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Quality Solutions

You ask for incredible upgrades, testing, and quality assurance? Technologist360 will assist you to boost your development initiatives, testing products as well as testing infrastructure.

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The dedicated team of technologist 360 builds and verifies all the requirements with the help of stockholders interviews, UI design, walk-throughs and clickable prototypes. Due to this all verification, they get an astounding confidence and command when they actually take a step into the development phase.

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Tech Stack

There are diverse tech stack options available for custom app development. It is very difficult to decide to opt for any single technology to work with. The talented team of technologist360 would help you to select reliable technology stack for your upcoming development projects. The sub categories of the web application services provided by are mentioned below.

  • Ruby on rails
  • Django
  • Node.js
  • .Net